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    Freelance illustrator graphic designer best known under the pseudonym Mankpasd'R.

    I completed my studies in graphic arts professional education at school MJM Paris, after my graduation I continued my studies in fine arts band option drawn Higher School Saint Luc Liege and developed this course at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Liège.

    I work both for Publishing, Press, Advertising and comics.

    "My strength is the creation" and it is from this perspective that I approach any graphic composition.

    I am available for any work full or part time.

    My service

    Position yourself to be unambiguously identified immediately by your target while you visually differentiating your competitors are ongoing concerns in the process of designing your graphic . The structure of the logotype, typographic features, and principles of application on various print media and multimedia will be defined with greater precision in your corporate colors and equivalents ( CMYK, RGB , Pantone © and web) codes , .

    Graphic to the achievement, I accompany you in every step leading to the finished product. My skills cover the production of books, catalogs , brochures, and leaflets that editing on non-standard media.

    Driven by a constant concern for creativity, I offer original and unique designs to illustrate with accuracy and originality of your content or to assert your identity in the graphic landscape.


    +336 30 92 56 49

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